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Panels For Your Home and Business

At DEP Property Services Ltd, we offer a wide range of panels for your office. We stock a wide range of panels including T panels, F panels, SE panel and M panels. We are based in Doncaster and serve across England.
monolithic panels

Monolithic Panels

Our M panel range is ideal for offices, hallways and corridors with its easy fit style and ready to install factory fitted clips. Monolithic panels are stylish, simple and come in a variety of edges and finishes to suit any design or installation need.
With flush and straight edged panels for the result you want, choose DEP Property Services Ltd and get a great deal on new ceiling tiles. Private and trade orders are welcome and we offer delivery throughout the UK, direct to your door.

M panel specifications
  • Tech 60-M: C-60 D-30 T-24 W-6.28
  • Tech 75-M: C-75 D-30 T-24 W-4.71
  • Tech 100-M: C-100 D-30 T-24 W-3.85
  • Tech 120-M: C-120 D-30 T-24 W-3.18
  • Tech 200-M: C-200 D-30 T-24 W-2.58
T panel range

T panel Range: Tech Ceiling Tiles with DEP Property Services Ltd

Our T panel supplies are great for contemporary office spaces and retail premises, offering joined and suspended ceiling options at great low rates. Call DEP Property Services Ltd today and place your order. We deliver throughout the UK.

Tech ceiling tiles - product specifications
  • Tech 60 ST: C-60 D-30 T-24 W-4.43
  • Tech 60 NT: C-60 D-30 T-15 W-4.45
  • Tech 75 ST: C-75 D-30 T-24 W-4.12
  • Tech 75 NT: C-75 D-30 T-15 W-4.15
  • Tech 100 ST: C-100 D-40 T-24 W-3.72
  • Tech 100 NT: C-100 D-40 T-15 W-3.73
  • Tech 120 ST: C-120 D-40 T-24 W-3.51
  • Tech 120 NT: C-120 D-40 T-15 W-3.52
  • Tech 150 ST: C-150 D-45 T-24 W-3.32
  • Tech 150 NT: C-150 D-45 T-15 W-3.33
  • Tech 200 ST: C-150 D-45 T-24 W-2.49
  • Tech 200 NT: C-200 D-45 T-15 W-2.50
flush panel

Flush Panels for Ceiling Fitters and Property Developers

Looking for F panel suppliers in Doncaster or the delivery of flush panels across the UK? Get in touch with DEP Property Services Ltd today and see what our suspended and industrial ceiling specialists have to offer.
With highly competitive prices and a full guarantee on all products, you'll get the result you're looking for when you call our industrial ceiling specialists. Order today and see what you could save. We offer our fantastic low rates to both trade and private clients.

F panel specifications
  • Tech 60-STF: C-60 D-30 T-24 W-4.43
  • Tech 75-NTF: C-75 D-30 T-15 W-4.15
  • Tech 100-NTF: C-100 D-40 T-15 W-3.73
  • Tech 120-NTF: C-120 D-40 T-15 W-3.52
  • Tech 200-NTF: C-200 D-45 T-24 W-2.49
straight edge panel

Straight Edged Panels for Suspended Ceilings in Doncaster

Carrying out construction work? Renovating your office? Our straight edged panels make installing suspended ceilings quick, easy and affordable. With a great range of ceiling tiles for you to choose from, we're confident you'll find what you need.
Our experienced team can offer information and advice on your project and our products, so contact DEP Property Services Ltd today and see what we can do for you. We're commercial ceiling experts and our tiles are sourced from specialist manufacturers and fully guaranteed. Based in Doncaster, we serve throughout England.

SE panel specifications
  • Tech 60-SE: C-60 D-30 T-15/24 W-4.45
  • Tech 75-SE: C-75 D-30 T-15/24 W-4.12
  • Tech 100-SE: C-100 D-40 T-15/24 W-3.73
  • Tech 120-SE: C-120 D-40 T-15/24 W-3.52
  • Tech 150-SE: C-150 D-45 T-15/24 W-3.33
  • Tech 200-SE: C-200 D-45 T-15/24 W-2.50
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